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    Dear Future Self is a futuristic self-empowerment brand curating futurism, artistic activism, and streetwear.



    At the core of our brand is the Message of self-design, a visionary mindset through which you will create a Future that reflects your truest Self.



    Through personal journaling and digital products, Dear Future Self offers self-support to those finding themselves stifled between logical thinking and a limitless imagination.



    What makes Dear Future Self unique is the “augmented reality” approach to visual merchandising and social media, two wildly underutilized self-systems for self-expression.


     “The Future is yours, should you choose to create it.” - DAVID 2.0


    WHO IS DAVID 2.0™?

    Hello. My name is David Burroughs II (aka DAVID 2.0™ or Deuce Dot), an interdisciplinary creative, quantum thinker, and a self-transformation coach. I've lived an interesting life, to say the least, having seen - and foreseen - many things. Some say that I'm too young to understand the things that I do. Some say that I must be from the Future. Either way, this is my life's work - to take you on a journey through my Life, Love, and Legacy.

    I am a man who possesses the ability to observe an issue from multiple sides simultaneously, involving a shift from linear thinking to a more holistic approach. This way of being has allowed for me to envision the next generation of products, services, and operations, to Create the Future™.


    Dear Future Self is a Black-owned company.